Amber Golden, MSR, ATR, Resident in Counseling

Amber is a Registered Art Therapist (ATR) and current resident in counseling towards her LPC. She received a MS in Art Therapy and Counseling from Eastern Virginia Medical School in 2013, and BFA in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2009. She is also currently a student training for a Body Positive Yoga Teacher certification. After completion of the program Amber will be a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200) and will teach accessible, adaptive yoga asana practice, intersectional feminist and social justice principles, address working with marginalized communities, and operate from a body-positive trauma-informed perspective.

Amber utilizes a person-centered, individualized, strengths-based approach to help each client achieve their identified goals. As both a counselor and an art therapist, she employs both traditional counseling (“talk therapy”) as well as image-making and the creative process to support insight, transformation, wellness, and growth. Art therapy bridges traditional talk therapy with a variety of art materials and processes that enrich the total psychological experience. It can function as a mediator, just like the therapist, to help aid the client address issues that are not always readily accessible. Often, explaining the hurt we are experiencing can be too difficult to put into words. Giving visual form to feelings, thoughts, and behaviors can be a safer way to explore the hurt we are suffering from. Art can then in turn become a way of externalizing your internal world in a healthy, cathartic way. Having experience using art materials is not important. Amber’s overall goal is to provide a safe place to form a trusting therapeutic relationship so that you feel comfortable sharing facets of your life.

Amber is dedicated to empowering people in reaching their fullest potential and improving their overall quality of life. Amber has experience in serving the needs of children, youth, families, and adults in private settings, school systems, hospitals, non-profits, and community mental health agencies. She is skilled in art education, mental health counseling, social service, and is passionate about advocating for LGBTQ+ unique needs, and rights.